Kayaking and Snorkeling in La Jolla

I can hardly believe I’ve been back in Los Angeles for a week. A part of me still feels like I’m on vacation time.  But anyway, on the Wednesday after my birthday (11/23) I went on a kayak and snorkel tour with Everyday California in the La Jolla cove.

I had been kayaking twice before this and snorkeling once, but overall this was probably one of my better experiences.  The first kayaking tour I had been on was with the same company–I went on the cave tour, and I loved it.  It was one of my favorites of the things I had done in San Diego in July on my weekend trip.  But I didnt want to do the same tour again.  The second time I had been kayaking was here in Los Angeles over in Playa del Rey in one of the harbors. It was much hardle to paddle-and this had been my first time in a single kayak.

My first snorkeling experience had been in La Jolla as well, but with a different company.  There had been three of us to one leader/instructor, and for this tour, there were nine of us and one leader, but I felt safer with this group and had a better experience, despite less personal attention.  I actually saw this this leader counting heads more than once and really trying to keep track of the individuals on the tour.

The water was also crystal clear–whereas on the other tour, there was no visibility.  I saw a couple of garabaldi on the first tour, but little else–and this time, I could see garabaldi from the kayak the water was so clear.  I also saw some other fish and two seals.  One of the seals was swimming in the water with us as we paddled up in our kayaks–the second was resting on some rocks outside the caves.

I was in a single kayak for this tour, so it was challenging on my upper body, but by the end of the tour, I think I had figured it out.  But kayak surfing….

Kayak surfing is something that can only be done in the ocean and is done when coming back in after the tour.  On the first tour I had done, we didnt kayak surf, because the woman I had shared a kayak with hadnt been feeling well.  One of the guides just pushed our kayak back in.  This time there was not nearly so much time or attention on the kayak surfing, and having never done it before, I had no idea what I was doing.  As a result, the kayak flipped over, and I nearly lost my bag with my snorkel gear–and my keys.

All in all, I enjoyed myself, but I will add this disclaimer–it was very, very cold.  I was I was actually the first one out of the water because I was cold.  Im not so sure I will do this tour again in November.  Snorkeling may be better left for warmer days.


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