San Diego Zoo Safari Park

I am going to start off by saying that I didn’t really like it.  The thing about the Safari Park is that you have to purchase the extra tours and add-ons to make it really worth it, and unfortunately, when I went, I didn’t have any money.  I couldn’t even afford the $4 cups of lorikeet nectar to feed the lorikeets (I seriously thought they were going to be less and feel that the Safari Park way overcharges, but anyway).

What I did like:

I liked the bird show–I have a thing about birds that anyone who knows me, already is aware of, but I like bird shows.  I like anything having to do with birds (which is why I was so disappointed that I couldn’t feed the lorikeets).

I also liked the Africa Tram.  And it was through taking the Africa Tram that I found out about the other tours and realized what I wanted to do on my next trip there–because yes, there will be a next trip.

For one thing, I will bring money to feed the lorikeets–that is a must.  But I also plan on taking a caravan tour where I can get up close and personal with the giraffes and rhinos and feed them.  We actually passed a caravan tour during the Africa Tram and saw them petting and presumably feeding giraffes.  That’s what I want to do next year.  Here’s hoping I can afford it.


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