Belmont Park & Hornblower Dinner Cruise

So onto Day Four of my vacation–although now I’m back home and either spending my day sick in bed or at work–I haven’t decided yet, but back to my vacation.  Day Four was my actual birthday, and it did not get off to a good start.  First of all, when I was getting ready to head out the door, it started raining, so I thought I was going to have to change my plans.  I’m like the kids that I work with that I don’t do well with unexpected changes, especially when it is for something like this-where I’m celebrating my birthday for a week.  The rain died down, and I decided to go to Belmont Park (which is an amusement park) anyway.  I was having some internet issues as I attempted to claim my free sandwich at Jersey Mike’s–that didn’t happen.  I tried for a half hour to get my hotspot to connect, and it wouldn’t, so I went on to the park without eating, meaning that I had to have fries when I arrived at the park, which were not very good at all.

The park itself was tiny–consisting of only a few rides, a food court, the zipline and climbing wall, and the laser maze (the laser maze was the best part).  That said, there was no one there, and no lines during the entire time I was at the park.  I did the zipline right away and rode a few of the rides before heading back to my hotel–and I did the laser maze about five times–did I mention that that was my favorite part?

Then it was time to get ready for my dinner cruise.  By this time, I was almost completely out of money, so I decided to take public transportation to get there to avoid having to pay for parking.  I had been down at the harbor once before over the summer and had spent somewhere between $10-20 on parking just that day.  Public transportation was much cheaper.

I missed the train, and had to wait for the next one, but luckily, I was still the first one there, arriving before my 6:30 boarding time.  The dinner was amazing-and they had wifi, so I didn’t even notice that I was there alone.  I spent the entire time writing and scrolling facebook and my email.  Sounds pretty sad, I know, but I had fun.

I haven’t decided yet whether I will do either of these again next year–I liked them both, but I can’t decide whether I want a repeat or whether one time is enough.  I have time to decide though.

Next post will be on Day 5 at the Zoo Safari Park.


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