San Diego and Veganism

I wrote earlier how I spent last weekend in San Diego, and I talked about the activities, but I did not talk about the food.  There are plenty of great Vegetarian/Vegan restaurants in San Diego–however, I was unable to go to any of them.

Mostly, I ate near my hotel or where my activities were, and there were no vegetarian restaurants there.  As a result, my first day in San Diego, I ate a lot of avocado.  Not the best choice, but if there is no vegan protein available, a fat is equally filling.  I ended up going to Sprouts that night to buy a container of hummus and whole wheat pita bread to eat in my hotel room to ensure that I had access to some protein.  I had already brought fruits and veggies from the farmer’s market with me, so with these two added ingredients, I had a full meal.  Granted, at this point, I had spent my restaurant budget to go paragliding, so even if there were vegetarian restaurants close by, I wouldn’t have been able to go to them.  This is something I will hopefully remedy on the next trip.  I definitely want to try Trilogy Sanctuary–for both their vegan faire, and for their aerial yoga class.  Beyond that though, I will come prepared next time with my own vegan food in my room, so I am not scrambling.  🙂


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