A part of me doesn’t want to write on here–I’d rather write fiction stories or sleep.  Sleep would be a good thing right now, but I have barely been around for the last two months, and I do want to change that.

That said, when I started writing regularly, it was supposed to be about my experience far more than it was about the writing, and somewhere along the way, I forgot that, just trying to write as often as I could.  The month of May was about health and fitness, and during that month (and much of June), I transitioned from a mostly vegetarian lifestyle to a vegan one, focusing on a whole foods plant based diet.

And here’s the truth:  I felt awful.  It took six weeks before I was able to finally work through all of the withdrawal symptoms.  Now–well, right this moment I feel crappy, because I was up too late last night and then dragged myself up just after nine.  Most days, I feel amazing though.  Combine regular yoga (which is hard I’m finding) and eating well, and I really do–I feel amazing.

June was supposed to be about relationships, and technically, I did get out more often and interacted with people, but I have mostly given up on relationships of any kind.  I tend to do better on my own.  I’ll socialize periodically, but I cannot handle the drama that comes when I let people in.  I  know that probably sounds sad, but interacting with people takes effort, so beyond the occasional meetup, for now, I’ll be spending a lot of time alone–that said, after a period of introspection, I will reconsider this.

July is supposed to be about intelligence and Mensa, but we’ll see if I get to that.  Most likely I will focus on relaxation and day/weekend trips.  For instance, I am going to La Jolla, San Diego the week after Fourth of July weekend.  It will be a long weekend–Fri through Mon, and I’m looking forward to kayaking and snorkeling, and probably a little more than that, but traveling on a budget means I have to streamline.  So 90 minute tours each day, exploring a cave (for $5), maybe the aquarium or something else, who knows.  Maybe I’ll hunker down on the beach with my tablet and my birds on Sunday and just do some writing.  Either way, I am getting out of LA and taking some time for myself.

I may or may not do anything else during the month of July–a day at Raging Waters has potential, and I have some ideas for a day trip in August.  So stay tuned, and I’ll let you know how my summer goes.

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