Baby is the newest addition to my little bird family, and as her name suggests, she is just a baby.  I’ve had her for nine months, and she is about a year old.  Of my three birds, she is the least tame, but that is my fault, because I haven’t had the time to sit with her and to tame her.  In the picture above, she is the little yellow bird in my hands.  Of the three, she is the one who continually tried to escape from the picture.  It was surprising to me that Angel, the blue parakeet that is sitting on my knee (my knee is outside the picture) was the most cooperative.  This was the only way I was able to take the picture, and given how difficult it was to take (Baby and Dakota kept taking off), I haven’t tried to take one since then, although it might be nice to have a photograph with all of them that is not a Christmas photo.  One day.  Maybe after Baby is more tame.  We’ll see.


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