Step Four

I completed my fourth step shortly after discovering Al-anon and beginning to attend meetings.  Thanks to my higher power, I had managed to work my first three steps while I was in college.  I don’t remember a lot about my fourth step inventory, but I do remember that I used the book Blueprint for Progress.  I did not work the step with a sponsor.  I had found a sponsor shortly after joining, but she was also on Step Four, so when I realized I was also on Step Four….that was basically the beginning of the end of that sponsorship.  I ended up navigating Blueprint for Progress alone, and then confiding my results in a long time member of one of my home groups (I had one regular home group and one that had a focus on adult children).

Although I try to do regular inventories, I have not redone my step four inventory since then.  Unfortunately, I do not have my Blueprint for Progress book any longer.  When I left my alcoholic and dysfunctional family, it was one of the things left behind.  At this point in time, I cannot afford another book, but perhaps at some point in time this is something that I need to do.  At the very least, it is something that I need to look into.


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