The Spirit and the Grand Design

I can’t speak to others’ experiences, but I can speak to feeling different, sometimes feeling lost in a world where there is so much focus on sex and appearance.  For me, things go so much deeper.

“Our body and our minds can take us only so far.  Our Spirit can lead us all the way home.”  ~Susan Jeffers

Physical appearance is the lowest level–our bodies, the base level, animal instinct.  The next level is the mind–our brains.   How we think, even how we feel.  But if “One opens the inner doors of one’s heart to infinite silences of the Spirit, out of whose abysses love wells up without fail and gives itself to all.”  ~Thomas Merton

I believe that Merton is referring to the Holy Spirit, which is inside of all of us who are confirmed in the spirit, but even on a simpler level–it’s God.  God lives within us, so when we close out the distractions, we can hear His voice and approach life from a standpoint of love, rather than of fear or consumption…

“We are each spinning our individual threads, lending texture, color, pattern, to the ‘big design’ that is serving us all.”  ~Karen Casey

…which allows us to take our place in the world, playing a part that serves everyone.

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