Buying Fair Trade on a Budget

I wrote a similar post on my blog around the end of January, but I really like how you explained this and wanted to share it.

Fair Trade Atlanta

You are smack dab in the middle of a three part series on the economics of fair trade. Last time we looked at some costs beyond price tag. Now let’s take a minute to stare at the price tag. Let’s be honest, if you buy something with the Fair Trade label it most likely will cost more than its counterpart. How much more?

budgetThe previous post A Bargain’s Hidden Cost may have tweaked your interest but you may also have come away saying to yourself, “Yeah, this is all well and good but I only have so much money I can spend.” The question to be answered in this post: Is it possible to care about ethically sourcing your daily needs and stay within your budget?

Last time we used coffee as our example so let’s stick with that. Let’s say you go through three pounds a month for your…

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