Holding Back from God

“The salvation God offers us is not only for our future benefit, but for our day to day needs in the present.  He is an ever present help in times of trouble.  Daily rely on Him for peace and direction–He is your refuge and strength.” ~God’s Little Lessons on Life for Mom (as quoted by Footprints along the pathway of life).

I know that I wrote last week about what scares me about trusting God, and that’s something I have been thinking about a lot lately, because the truth is that I do trust God.  My fear had come from realizing something about myself–realizing that I had the kind of personality that would sacrifice myself for another, and so I had run away from God for awhile after that.  However, I’m pretty sure that if I have to face being martyred that it’s not coming today or tomorrow first of all, so I’m able to put that from my mind.  Someone also told me once that if I was ever called to be a martyr, God would give me the grace to deal with it.  It’s a paradox that I cannot explain.  I guess that everyone has something that they hold back from God, and this is mine.



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