Addictions and Human Trafficking

First things first–addictions change the way that our brain works by changing our “feel good” sensors, meaning that it takes more and more to make us feel good.  Especially in the case of pornography, it means that it takes more and more violence to get that feeling, which suddenly makes things like rape seem okay, even sexually gratifying.  And now you have demand.

See, the sex industry knows all of this–so they deliberately try to create the addictions to create a demand for what they have to offer.  Drug dealers try to hook children on drugs, so that they have a customer for life–well, for as long as the child survives, because we all know that being high or drunk increases the odds of accidents or overdose.

Now, I know what you’re thinking–how does she know they have “created” the addictions in the porn industry?  Where’s the proof?  My recommendation is to ask someone who already watches–ask them about the storylines.  Pornography used to just be about the sex, but to entice more women to watch, they added storylines, because women find them appealing.

And what about on the supply side of the equation?  One of the tactics pimps use to keep girls in line is by drugging them or getting them addicted to drugs (meaning the girls are less likely to leave, if he is feeding their addiction).  Added to that, girls who were raised in an alcoholic or drug addicted home are at an increased risk of being trafficked.  When you’ve got a girl who is vulnerable and feels unloved because of her circumstances (and I can attest that growing up in an alcoholic home does make you feel that way), she is easier to manipulate.  The girl tends to be so desperate for someone to love her, that she is able to be manipulated right into being trafficked, and many of the girls that star in pornographic videos are sex trafficking victims.  So if you’re clicking on those videos–odds are good that you are aiding the pimps in trafficking the girls by creating demand–and it’s impossible to tell the difference between the girls who were trafficked and the girls who are there willingly.


I attended a workshop on Pornography and Human Trafficking at the Long Beach Youth Exploitation Safety Symposium last weekend, which is where I learned most of the information used in my post today.  For more information, go to FIGHTTHENEWDRUG.ORG or email

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