Just about everyone has heard of sponsorship within AA, however, sponsorship within Al-anon is much the same thing.  It is where you pair up with another al-anon member who has more experience than than you do within the program, and they guide you through the steps. I’ll be honest–I haven’t had much luck in this area.

My first sponsor turned out to be on the same step that I was.  Remember my last few posts about college and about working the first few steps before I even knew about Al-anon?  Well, here is where it becomes significant.  Because I had already worked my first three steps, when I started on my steps in Al-anon, I moved through the first three pretty quickly, realizing that I had worked them already, putting me on Step Four–which happened to be the same step my first sponsor was on.

My second sponsor I met in Philadelphia, and I did something known as comparing another person’s outsides to my insides.  Meaning that I saw something she displayed that I wanted (positivity), but as I got to know her, I realized that this was a facade, just a face that she put on.   The sponsor-sponsoree relationship sort of fell away after that.  I haven’t really tried much after that.  In my experience, many of the members tend to attend meetings, but don’t really work the steps.  It is very difficult to find long time members who could sponsor me.  This is perhaps something I need to reexamine.  I’ll keep you posted on that.

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