I got into the rhythm of relying on myself pretty early on in college, but what is also important to note is that the college I went to was Saint Vincent College in Latrobe, PA.  What is significant about this particular school, is that it was a Catholic school, so beginning in my second semester of college, I began working on my relationship with God.

It’s important to note that I believed in God at a very early age, but the concept of having a relationship with him was a new one.  I don’t remember a lot of specifics at the moment (but then I’m a total basketcase when I am tired), but I do remember knowing that I needed to surrender to God.  There is no logical reason for me to have thought of this on my own–no one told me that I needed to surrender, and I didn’t read it in a book or on the internet.  But I knew with all my heart that I needed to surrender.  I found out later when I began attending Al-anon, that the 2nd and 3rd Steps involve faith in a higher power, and the third step in particular involves surrendering to that power.  Let me add that I still knew nothing of Al-anon or the 12 Steps–I did not become aware of any of this until at least my junior year, if not my senior year, and my seeking to surrender to God took place much earlier, quite possibly during the second half of my freshman year.  To me, this is evidence of God’s presence in the 12 Steps or at the very least, the role the 12 Steps were to play in God’s plan for me.




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