Human Trafficking to Psychology

Well, another month is ending.  Sometimes it seems as if time just flies by.  I feel like if I blink the whole year will nearly be over again.  But the end of January means the end of Human Trafficking Awareness month, and although with it means I will be moving onto another topic:  Psychology, don’t think that Human Trafficking won’t still be a focal point.  Human trafficking and psychology go hand in hand, and even if they didn’t, talking about human trafficking for 31 days out of the year isn’t enough.  Being active on this cause for just one month is not enough.  We won’t make any progress that way–we need to keep going, keep fighting, keep raising our voices for those who don’t have a voice.

Continue on with me as I talk a little bit about my background as an ACA and as a behavioral counselor working with children with autism, and what I do at my day job when I’m not trying to raise awareness about human trafficking, and why my experience has influenced my decision to become an anti-trafficking activist.


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