Follow Up on Eyes on Trafficking

It was pointed out to me that based on my blog post it sounded as if I had a really bad experience at this event on Sunday with the NCJW, but that wasn’t entirely true.  For me it was a mix of bad and good.  As I said in the original post, I did not have a good experience with my original team and parking was a little bit frustrating, especially since it took so long to find somewhere to park, and I felt as if I was holding everyone up, despite how patient my team leader was.  I essentially was causing waves by asking to switch teams and then my new team leader had to wait for me while I was trying to find parking.  I felt guilty.  But once I got there, I felt welcomed and appreciated, and although my contribution was small–I had actually thought we were going to do more visits than we did, I got a taste for what outreach can be (although I do know that I got lucky that the bar owners were very receptive).  This is actually a very easy way to help.  Is it really so hard to go into a couple of bars with one other person (seriously, I visited 3) and ask them to put up a poster and to remind them about the law?  This really is not that hard.  The hard part is dealing with the reactions of bar owners who do not want to put up the posters, but for maybe four bars?  That isn’t too bad.

I am extremely grateful to have had this opportunity and to the downtown team, which was made up of three incredible women, who are all working against trafficking in their own ways.  Although we don’t have another outreach date set up as of yet, I am planning on joining them again should our schedules line up.

If you are interesting in joining their outreach, they have another event this Sunday in Long Beach.  You can sign up here:

Or if you are interested in joining one of the LA teams, you can contact the NCJWLA for opportunities to volunteer:


543 N. Fairfax Ave
Los Angeles CA 90036
p 323-651-2930
f  323-651-5348


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