Eyes on Trafficking

I have to say…I was nervous about going into bars and talking to managers and owners about putting up posters.  I was afraid of how the managers and owners were going to react.  I was afraid of doing the outreach in a less than stellar part of town.  The one thing I hadn’t expected was for my group to lose me within the first five minutes.  I never made it to the location where I was supposed to do the outreach initially.  My group was in a hurry, and didn’t bother with the required team meeting (or at least not one that I was a part of), and when I finally found my group (which was not where it was supposed to be), the team leader told me to follow her in my car, and she sped away managing to lose me within about five minutes.  I had no contact information, no destination address, and no idea where my group was.  I turned around and went back to the NCJWLA and requested to join a different group, meaning that I ended up in downtown near Skid Row instead of in Southwest LA.  *Sighs*.  That and the lack of parking turned out to be the most stressful part of this event.

I know that I got lucky.  All three of the bars I visited were more than happy to talk to us, said they either had the posters up or were happy to take them to put up, which is not the norm.

Let me back up a second.  I am sure you are wondering what I was doing downtown LA asking bars to put up posters.  The Eyes on Trafficking Event with the National Council of Jewish Women LA involved going into bars and asking them to put up posters with the human trafficking hotline on them to be in compliance with the new law #sb1193.  Most activists are argued with and given a hard time, but each of the bars I went to with my team were very receptive.  Way to go Cranes Bar DTLA and The Association DTLA for supporting our efforts to raise awareness about human trafficking!




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