The Reality of Human Trafficking is Complicated

This is a video about human trafficking in Michigan.  Keep in mind, that Michigan isn’t even one of the top states where human trafficking occurs.

The top 20 highest volume cities include Houston, El Paso, Los Angeles, Atlanta, Chicago, Charlotte, Miami, Las Vegas, New York, Long Island, New Orleans, Washington D.C., Philadelphia, Phoenix, Richmond, San Diego, San Francisco, St. Louis, Seattle, and Tampa.

You’ll notice that there isn’t a single city from Michigan on that list.

The top four states for human trafficking are CA, TX, FL, and NY.  Again, Michigan is not on that list.

My point in sharing this is just a reminder–if it’s a problem in Michigan (which it is), then imagine the size of the problem right here where I live in Los Angeles?  Los Angeles is a port city, so it is easy to get victims in and out of the country, although that doesn’t mean that victims are not taken from within CA itself.


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