My Experience as an Activist

When I initially decided to do this, to focus this month on human trafficking, it had nothing to do with my blog and everything to do with my life.  You see, I have so many varied interests, but so little time to do them in.  The idea was to incorporate each individual thing over the month where it was the theme, so that it became a more permanent part of my life.

The idea of writing about it in my blog was supposed to be me sharing about my journey, but so far it has been more educational in nature.  Me sharing videos, articles, and statistics.  But then, there really wasn’t much to share until now.  I had attended no events and had done little–until I decided to share my blog outside my usual network.

My network is actually pretty small right now as my main connections are through facebook, and I’ve deliberately kept my friend’s list small, only allowing people that I know to friend me.  This all changed when I started publicizing more and more of my writing last year, but due to the lack of writing regularly, I still had only a small following.  I do however, belong to a human trafficking awareness group on facebook.

It wasn’t an easy decision in many respects sharing my blog in that group.  Yes, I wanted people to read what I write–what is the point to raising awareness about human trafficking if no one is reading what you are writing about it?  But I also felt…’who am I to think that I can do this, that I deserve to do this?’  But ultimately on some level, I realized that it wasn’t about me, so I posted the link.

And it didn’t go unnoticed.  I can’t say that my inbox was flooded by messages or that there was a huge flurry of replies to the post itself, but it was noticed, and as a result, I’ve made connections with other abolitionists.  I don’t know if you noticed the flurry of activity on my site on Sunday, but that was a result of that contact.

And for me, it’s overwhelming.  A part of me still thinks that I have no right to do anything that I am doing, that I am deluding myself into thinking that it will make any difference.  But there is another part that knows….if I am going to make any difference at all, this is the route that I have to take, and it’s one that I want to take.  I want to make a difference.  And I will.

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