Trafficked Girl-911 Alert

Fourteen year old Rosemary Gullet who disappeared from Portland, Oregan six months ago.  It is presumed that she in the hands of traffickers, and has likely crossed state lines.  As CA is one of the top three destinations for trafficking victims in the U.S., please be on the lookout for this girl.

Since she has disappeared images of her have been found on the internet.  Her hair has been bleached blonde and then dyed red.  Her appearance has been changed several time to avoid detection.

Her description is as follows:

DOB 1-1-2001
HEIGHT – 6″ 1′
WEIGHT – 140 lbs
EYES – Hazel
HAIR – thin and straight, dyed and bleached, red or ???, past shoulder length when last seen but may have been cut or worn in a bun or head covering
OTHER – Freckles on her face and body, razor blade cut homemade tattoo on her left ankle, may have gotten other homemade tattoos since she disappeared, tall and thin build, full lips, pretty cat eyes, likes peg leg pants, iphone, social media, smokes marijuana regularly, drinks alcohol. Rosemary has many friends in Portland Oregon where she disappeared from that she contacts regularly on social media.

POSSIBLE LOCATIONS – Portland, Eugene, California, Arcata, Humboldt, San Diego, Seattle, Tennessee, Nashville, Hawaii, Texas, Dallas, Fort Worth…If you live in any of these please copy this information and re-post in your town. Thank you! (copied from grandfather’s facebook page).

Please call 503-509-0277 with any information or comment on this post (I will forward the information to the appropriate parties).




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