*According to the International Labour Organization (ILO), there are approximately 20.9 million slaves today–I read somewhere recently that this is the highest number of slaves at any point in history.

*68 percent of all slaves are used for slave labor.

*26 percent are children.

*55 percent are women and girls.

So why are there so few men involved?  This is not just a problem for women, although it seems that it is believed that it is only women or mostly women who are victims–anybody can be a victim of human trafficking.

*According to the ILO, human trafficking is a $150 billion industry.

*According to the US Department of Labor, 136 goods made from 74 countries was made by child labor.

This is where buying fair trade products come in.  Fair Trade USA works with companies, teaching them how to use the free market and ensuring that all employees within the company are paid a fair wage.  For more information:

*1 out of 6 runaways is likely a sex trafficking victim.

Statistics from:

Please continue praying with me for those involved in the world of human trafficking at:

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