Human Trafficking: Hidden Faces Among Us


One thing this video seems to overlook is that the U.S.  is not only a destination for human trafficking (which is bad enough), but victims are also taken from the U.S.  to be made slaves within the U.S.  It is rare for American citizens to be trafficked from U.S. to be taken overseas or across the border.  More often than not, when Americans are trafficked, it is within our own borders, and in the case of women and girls, it is primarily for sex.

Today also marks the first day of the week and the beginnings of prayers for human trafficking.  However, this site is primarily meant to be an all inclusive site, meaning that I have chosen not to include prayers on this website.  In order to pray the novena with me, please follow this link to my blog The Dance:  A Duet with Christ.


*An added note–I did not create the video, but found it online.  I chose to share it for the purposes of raising awareness to human trafficking, which is modern day slavery.


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