New Year New Plan

About a month ago, I made a decision to make some changes in my life–I wanted to open my life to more diverse things now that I seem to be more settled in my career and in an apartment.

I decided that each month, I would focus on a different theme, health and fitness and religion to name a few, but it would give me the opportunity to add different experiences into my life, one thing at a time.

One of those new experiences I wanted to add in was social justice.  When I first moved to Los Angeles, I got involved in raising awareness about human trafficking but had to take a step back due to life circumstances.  As January is Human Trafficking awareness month, January was to be a focus on human trafficking.

It soon became apparent to me that this was as much about writing as it was about my life, so for the year of 2016 I plan to post on my blog daily regarding the different topics and my journey through them, starting with human trafficking for the month of January.

Tomorrow, I will start with the basics, a powerpoint about what human trafficking is.  From there, I plan to move on to the psychology of human trafficking, prayers to end human trafficking, raising awareness, human trafficking and writing, and human trafficking and music.

Stay tuned!

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