I am preparing for Nanowrimo this year–the first time I’ve ever participated.  For those of you who don’t know, Nanowrimo takes place in November every year, where writers all over the world write a novel over the course of one month.  It is a huge undertaking (hence why I’m preparing now).  Unfortunately, I cannot decide on my topic.  I’ve started and not finished many novels over the years.  At the moment, I am considering four of these projects.  If you would, I’d appreciate an opinion from those who read this–below are the four story ideas. Which one do you think I should write for Nanowrimo? Share in the comments.

  1.  Journey to the Garden of Eden

Zachariah has always been in the shadows.  The younger brother of war hero Simeon, no one really notices the shy woodsman, that is until he meets Ari, the daughter of the town drunkard.  Vibrant and spunky, Ari displays a zest for life that sparks something in Zachariah.  When Ari volunteers for a dangerous quest, Zachariah does something that will change his world forever–he steps forward and volunteers for the journey as well.  What he finds out about himself, and about real courage is a lesson to us all.

2.  Untitled

Sixteen year old Corrinne is the orphaned daughter of two magical secret agents.  Her world, although much like any other teenage girl, she is a part of that magical world–the good and the bad.  When her adoptive parents are killed and her friend kidnapped, she sets off on a quest that reunites her with her estranged older sister, and old family secrets come to light.  Corrinne must come into her own magical destiny and with her sister’s help, defeat the evil that awaits her.

3.  Vampire (working title only)

Gillian Blake is a vampire, but not just any vampire.  She wasn’t born what she is, and she wasn’t bitten.  With the unexpected help of Adam Masters, a scientist and writer, and Quinn Henderson, a vampire hunter, she searches her past to determine how and why she became a blood sucking monster.  When a rival vampire comes into town to take over Gillian’s territory, one without Gillian’s sympathy for humans, Gillian must dig deep and find a way of accepting what she is and using it to protect the people who have become important to her and stopping this vampire once and for all.

4.  Untitled Mystery

Special Agent Kelsey Reed has always been by the book, one to follow the rules–in every area of her life, but when she arrests Chelsea Bennett, the only daughter of Marco Bennett, the former drug king of Butler, the rule book goes out the window.  Chelsea proposes an intriguing offer to hand her Ciarra Raine (the current drug queen) on a silver platter in exchange for her own freedom and for a chance at a future.  Kelsey is skeptical, and when Chelsea is brought in for murder charges, that skepticism is only increased, especially when nothing seems to add up.  In Kelsey’s quest to find the real murderer and to put Ciarra Raine behind bars, or will she find that Chelsea was behind the murder afterall?  

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