God Has Me

Blog.com is apparently down, so I am just going to post this right here.

I began recently reading the book The Dangerous Act of Loving Your Neighbor by Mark Labberton. This book is not a daily reader, but still a collection of readings and meditations, to be read slowly and prayerfully. I read the introduction not quite a week ago and have just now picked it up to read the first section. My plan had been to answer the first set of meditation questions, but my mind and heart were still drawing me back to the introduction.


The introduction touched me deeply, both because of a story relayed, but also because the thoughts and reflections of Pastor Labberton were so much like my own. Much of my life, I have felt like an outcast, and being in Los Angeles makes me feel it even more so. I see the world so differently from the Hollywood view that seems to have most of California spellbound. My white skin causes me to stand out in a mostly Hispanic neighborhood, and men treat me as if I am nothing more than a piece of meat. I’ve told the stories before some on here, some not. But my point is that it was refreshing to find my own thoughts and words reflected back at me by someone else.


What also struck me what the story about the elderly woman whose car was hijacked by a drug addict who subsequently robbed her. The pastor went to see her to minister to her after this happened and was shocked and amazed as to how she ministered to him!


I was robbed last night. My purse was stolen from a locked bathroom stall at McDonald’s, and the police were less than helpful. I was angry and hurt and afraid, because among various electronics and things were work was my rent money that I had just gotten from the ATM. I came home hurt and angry, but then I remembered what I had read and about this woman’s reaction. It wasn’t “why me?”. It was “why not me?”. And she was praying for her attacker that he would be caught, not only for her, but for his sake, so that he may get the help he needs. It was a humbling moment.


I realized that it’s not “why me?”. I live in a dangerous neighborhood, and not only that, but I stand out. It was only a matter of time before something like this happened. And yes, my rent money is stolen, and yes, now I have a lot to sort through for work. But God has this, and I honestly think this was the point. I think that God allowed this to happen not only so that I could see this, and so I could realize that God has this, but so that anyone who reads this could know that, too. GOD HAS THIS.


I may or may not get my stuff back, but He will take care of me. I may or may not get my stuff back, but God is with the person who stole my stuff. He knows where they are, and justice will be served one way or another. GOD HAS THIS.


Writing this has reduced me to tears, but it is what I needed. GOD HAS THIS. And He’s got me.


Thank you, Jesus, for holding me tightly in Your loving embrace. Help me to continually trust you, and continue to lead me in your ways. Let me be a beacon to those who are lost today and everyday. Amen.

One thought on “God Has Me

  1. I just wanted to add, because I know that there are eyes and ears everywhere, but the purse is tan with a muted flower pattern on it (tan and other pastel colors perhaps–I don’t remember specifically. It was just a bag). The IPad mini was in a green rubber case and was password protected. My tablet was in a pink case and it was a nextbook, 8 inches I believe (might’ve been nine, but I think it was eight).


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