Protecting God

I generally keep to myself; I prefer it that. I don’t think much of the people of Los Angeles, so it’s not worth it to me to socialize.


I am not a bad person, don’t get me wrong. I do care about people. I’m in social work, and I like my job. But when I’m going to the grocery store or riding the train? That’s another story altogether. When I’m approached, it is for only one of three reasons: “Do you have any change?” “Do you have a cigarette/lighter?” Or it’s to get hit on. I had one guy compare me to an item in a department store not that long ago. These are the people I want to avoid.


So here I am walking down the street planning on getting something to eat when I feel a tug at my skirt. I look down a little annoyed and more than a little bit nervous, and see the child, a boy no more than about six. He says nothing, but I hear in my mind, “I am God. I need you to protect me.”


I had to have imagined it; that was my first thought, but I had this unfathomable urgency to protect this child, but from what? My question was answered almost before I had the thought. A huge man came lumbering towards us with murder in his eye. He was screaming something in Spanish, but my Spanish is elementary at best.


Without thinking, I took the boy’s hand and pulled him into a nearby restaurant, planning to call the police, but then I heard in my head again. “Do not call the police.”


Now that just didn’t make sense.


“They will not see us,” the voice hissed.


I closed my eyes. “God, is this really you?” I prayed silently. “I only want to hear the voice of God.”


I opened my eyes to see a grotesque thing sitting where the child had sat. “You can go now. You’re not welcome here any more.”


“That’s not what they all say,” the thing hissed gesturing around it.


“Well, that’s not what I say, and that’s enough.” I closed my eyes again. “Jesus, remove this thing from my sight and from this city. In your name I trust. Amen.” I opened my eyes in time to see the creature scampering away. I could feel a peace surrounding me and knew that God had prevailed today. I was safe–for now.


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