I’ve had a lot of not so good moments lately.  I’ve been sick–I work with little kids, so every time they get sick, I catch their colds.  This time, I just got over one client’s cold, just to catch the other’s immediately after.  The result all in all is having been sick for the last three or four weeks, and being out of work for a total of five days so far, not including the day I had to leave one case early due to coughing too much!


But I am going to see my doctor today, even if I have to sit in the waiting room all day in order to be seen.   (There really aren’t appointments, perhaps just for a day, but generally not a time, so it’s first come first serve).  And I have my income tax refund coming around the same time as my paycheck, so I don’t really need the paycheck so much, meaning that I am able to stay home and really get well.  I don’t know that my employer will be thrilled, but if I can’t go back tomorrow, I will definitely be back Monday, and I can get a doctor’s excuse if need be.


But there have been good moments as well. I did a lot of organizing yesterday as far as my writing goes in addition to finishing a chapter in the novel I am writing.  It’s been beautiful outside (I live in California), and I’ve found that having my fan on 24-7 helps with the breathing issues from my asthma.


Either way, I know that all of this will pass.  The good, the bad, and even the ugly moments at night where I can’t sleep, because my asthma kicks up, and I can’t breathe or stop coughing.  I will get better.  I will get back to work, back to doing yoga, and back to writing on the train rather than at home.  Things change, and thanks to Al-anon, I can be okay with that.


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