I Will Know Peace

I Will Know Peace


I look around and see the blue, crystal clear water,

the touch of a hand in the wind, swirling about my face.

The sun streams down, its light bathing my face in warmth.

I feel peace here, like I haven’t anywhere else.

I listen and hear the call of birds,

The smell lavender and the taste of hot, sweet tea,

It’s aroma filling my lungs, the taste of chamomile on my tongue.

I feel relaxed here, like I haven’t anywhere else.

The world isn’t safe; it never was.

Not for a little girl, born in the midst of a war,

Of a war she never could see.

How could she flee the bullets she never could hear?

There was no peace there, no peace that a child deserves to feel.

The earth is fragile, at the whim of angry gods,

Or so the people say.

How can a girl survive a poison she cannot taste

Or a toxic scent she cannot smell?

There is no relaxation; this place is not a sanctuary.

But I feel, oh, believe me I do feel.

I feel the pain of the bullet of the war that tears us all apart.

The deadly fumes rip at my soul, and the poison tears at my heart

Sucking away the essence of me.

I will not allow this place to destroy me.

I will look around me and see the blue, crystal clear water.

I will listen for and hear the calling birds,

And feel the touch of the wind on my hair.

I will relax and feel safe where deity reigns.

I will look at the sun and feel its rays as they sparkle on my skin.

I will smell the scent of lavender and taste sweet tea,

Allowing sweet aromas to fill my lungs and the taste of chamomile to grace my tongue.

I will know peace, the most precious find.

I will know myself.


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