Casey & Blake Quote

Her eyes met mine, and cautiously, she watched me as if scrutinizing me as she debated her next move.  I thought she was going to try to get away again, but all she said was, “Okay then.”  And slowly, she leaned forward, lightly touching her lips to mine.

It was like kissing lightning, so much more than last night.  And the jolt quickly took over my senses.  The next thing I knew, I was drowning in her as she deepened the kiss.  My whole world exploded, my body in overdrive until all I knew was her.  All I wanted was her, this.  Nothing else mattered.  And then she pulled away.  “No, wait!  What are you doing?”

She sighed, and dimly I noticed that she still looked tired, weary, but it was as if I was looking at her through a smoke screen.  “And this is why we don’t need to use telepathy or mind control unless it’s to push someone into the first encounter.  The high is so addicting that they come to us after that.”  She paused a beat.  “We can’t ever do that again.”

~Casey & Blake, from Untitled Novel


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